Carbon Offsetting

As a group, we are offsetting our carbon production by funding a vital safe water project in Rwanda.

Carbon offsetting

The project

This Gold Standard project will ensure the safe delivery of clean water to hundreds of households in Rwanda.

The project will help to offset 22 tonnes of CO2 that we have produced.


CO2balance are working with local groups and NGO’s to help identify and rehabilitate broken down boreholes.

An ongoing maintenance program with water sanitation and hygiene training is also provided to make sure a clean source of water is maintained.

The results

  •      Clean supply of safe water
  •      Reduced expenditure on wood normally used to boil dirty water
  •      Reduced deforestation
  •      Reduced pressure on local wildlife


Carbon offsetting shouldn’t be the only thing implemented to combat carbon production. As well as offering recycling services for old displays, we’re improving our business processes to work towards our 10 environmental objectives.

While we offset our scope 1 and 2 emissions (our direct carbon emission sources), we are working towards understanding our indirect scope 3 impact – at which point we will offset against that as well.