Our Environmental Policy

We believe being an environmentally friendly company doesn’t mean just offering eco-friendly products. This is why we go above and beyond expectations.

Our environmental policy

Environmental Objectives

1. Management Leadership and Direction

To protect the environment by establishing goals, and integrating environmental considerations into routine working methods at appropriate levels, providing resources, guidance and accountability for staff

2. Environmental Impact and Risk Mitigation

To understand and minimise the effects that the company has on the environment, and manage them to reduce impact.

3. Environmental  Improvement Objectives

To monitor and progressively reduce the company’s impact on the environment by establishing targets and improvement plans.

4. Staff Involvement and Communication

To help staff understand how their actions impact the environment and how they are able to make improvements in methods and products.

5. Energy Efficiency

To minimise the impact on the environment caused by energy consumption and reduce the use of fossil fuels.

6. Waste Management

To reduce the amount of raw material used, recycling wherever practical and reducing the environmental impact of waste.

7. Procurement Strategy

To reduce the environmental impact of purchased goods and services.

8. Compliance with Legislation

To act responsibly within the community and avoid prosecution.

9. Carbon Footprint

To measure and understand the overall impact the company has on the climate and be able to plan methods of reducing it.

10. Overall Effectiveness and Review

To periodically ensure that methods used to achieve the desired environmental goals are effective.

The Green Award Finalists

Our sister company, Marler Haley has been shortlisted into the final of the SME Northamptonshire Business Awards 2019! This year, they’re hoping to win The Green Award.

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