Hints and Tips for Upcycling Outdoor Banner Graphics for Schools

Tips for upcycling outdoor PVC banners

From open days to seasonal fairs, schools regularly buy and then throw away countless outdoor PVC banners every year which generally end up in landfill.

What can you do with old, unwanted banners?

Well, you can recycle it!

This isn’t a service that is widely available at the moment, but a number of businesses are offering outdoor PVC banner graphic recycling. Find out more about our recycling service here.

Recycling is always good, as well as giving the plastic an extra lease of life. Recycling plastic requires less resources than creating virgin plastic.

Upcycling is better than recycling!

We have suggested 6 ways schools can upcycle their outdoor PVC or eco-banner graphics.
Before we start, it doesn’t matter what the pattern is on the front or back of an outdoor banner. Generally, banners are only printed on one side anyway – meaning the back is white and therefore easy to upcycle. Although the printed side does create fabulous detail when cut up.

How to upcycle your banner

1. Create wipeable tablecloths – Primary, junior or senior schools will always have messy tables. Use your old banner graphics as wipeable tablecloths.
2. Create a DIY banner on the reverse – For your next event why not get the children to create their own banner? Simply turn it over and draw or paint on the back. I’ve just been playing in the office and white board markers work the best.
3. Turn it into bunting – Cut up the banner and use as bunting.
4. Use as crafting materials – Use for general crafting. Cut the banner up into pieces and allow the children to craft with it.
5. Be inventive – Why not challenge the students to create something different themselves? They can certainly be used in textiles and technology sessions.
6. Use it as tarpaulin – Old banner graphics can be used as tarpaulin. Now… not all schools have a wormery but we recently donated one to the St Peters School Raunds ECO team. When the temperatures start to get a little colder, it is worth covering up the worms to give them some extra protection.

We would love to know if you do anything creative with your old outdoor PVC banners? Let us know in the comments below.

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