What happens when we recycle your banner?

So what does really happen when we recycle your banner stand?

Below, we go into more detail on: how we recycle your banners, and why we recycle them in the first place.

Learn about recycling banners here

Why recycle in the first place?

It is a staggering fact that approximately 1.2 million banner stands are produced every year and just as many are sent to landfill.

This simply cannot continue, so we have been working hard to provide a recycling service that is reliable and simple to use for our customers.

Our recycling is carried out in the UK and our supplier turns your old displays into new products.

For those of us that are passionate about recycling, you’ll find the processes the recycled products go through rather interesting. We have pulled together a 4 step overview of how we recycle your old display graphics.

Once you have sent your banner back to us it goes through the following steps:


(Infographic by Marler Haley)

Step 1: Dismantling

A banner is made up of 3 key materials; aluminium, graphic and hard plastic elements.

A member of the team will dismantle the banner and split it into these 3 different parts.

Step 2: Sorting

The separated materials are sorted and forwarded on to specific suppliers.

The aluminium is sent to a UK aluminium mill where it will be melted down and re-used.

Although a number of display suppliers are offering recyclable PVC banner graphics, there are a limited number of waste management companies that can actually recycle the graphic for you. We are lucky enough to be working with an innovative company that specialises in recycling this type of material.

The third element is the hard plastics. There is a very small amount of this which currently goes to general waste.

Step 3: Shredding

In order for manufacturers to be able to reuse the plastic it needs to be shredded down into small pieces.

These pieces are then sold on to a select number of manufacturers.

Step 4: Repurposing

The shredded plastic is ear marked to be made into 3 specific products; bases for Harris fencing, traffic cone bases and horse riding arena bases.

Interested about finding out more? See our recycling scheme.

4 Responses to “What happens when we recycle your banner?”

  1. Charlie Drury

    Hello. We have 3 roller banners for recycling. We are in South London.

    Do you collect?
    Many thanks

    • Jason Davis

      Hi Charlie,

      Yes we can arrange collection for your banners to recycle, not a problem at all!

      I will ask a sales colleague to provide further information for you shortly.

      Many thanks

  2. Malcolm Rycraft

    Hello. As a venue, we get lots of promoters through our doors who bring pull up banners with them and often leave them behind. Currently we have about 15 that we need to get rid of and wonder if we might be able to recycle them with you? Any advice would be much appreciated. Thank you.

    • Jason Davis

      Hi Malcom,

      You can recycle them with us, that’s not a problem!

      A member of the team has recently contacted you via email to discuss how we can sort out recycling the banners for you.

      More information on our recycling scheme can be found here: http://ecofriendlybanners.co.uk/recycling-scheme/

      But if you have any other questions in the meantime please let us know.


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