We’re mitigating our CO2 emissions! Here’s how…

Extreme weather is happening more frequently and intensely.


Most argue climate change being the number one contributing factor.

Not just individuals but businesses should be doing all in their power to offset or mitigate their CO2 output. And that’s what we’re doing.

How we're mitigating CO2 emissions

 What is CO2 mitigation?

We all have carbon footprints – and as a company, probably larger footprints than families and individuals.

Carbon mitigation involves supporting CO2 reducing activities which compensates for your own carbon output.

This term sometimes gets confused with carbon offsetting, which is slightly different.

How are we mitigating our carbon output?

We are funding part of a Gold Standard project to help support the Timor-Leste Community Forestry Programme.

This programme has four commitments:

  1. make environments sustainable
  2. end poverty and hunger
  3. increase education and training
  4. build regional partnerships


Local farmers are paid to plant and maintain trees – this is paid from the sale of carbon credits into the international carbon market.

Project benefits

The project started in 2010, and has achieved to date:

  • Creating 15 permanent full-time jobs
  • Creating 15 casual jobs
  • 152,000+ trees under management
  • 850+ farmers engaged in community forestry
  • 50,000+ tCO2e removed from the global atmosphere

Our green solutions

We’re not just mitigating our carbon output.

We’re continually introducing new eco-friendly products and offering recycling schemes for anyone to take advantage of.

Eco-friendly displays

If you didn’t already know, we’re a leading UK supplier of eco-friendly banners and displays.

The graphics we print on are made from a recycled plastic material called polypropylene, making our banners almost 100% recyclable.

We’ve also brought out a range of seeded promotional products which offers a unique twist on the traditional promo item. As the name suggests, our seeded promo products are 100% eco-friendly and plantable! They’ll grow into a plant of your choice based on the seed type chosen.

Banner recycling scheme

We also offer an industry leading recycling scheme for old unwanted banners. This process involves recycling or upcycling old graphics (don’t worry, all logos and branding is removed beforehand) into new products like traffic cone bases or wallets! Read more about how we recycle banners.

You receive £10 credit for each display you send back to us to recycle or upcycle – which can be redeemed from any eco-friendly product in our range. Full terms and conditions apply.

What are you doing?

Are you carbon offsetting, mitigating, or doing something completely different?

Let us know or share your ideas below!

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