Seed Planting Times on Our Promotional Seed Products

Growing plants has lots of benefits including reducing stress, improving habitats and lowering CO2 levels.

Our new range of promotional seed items are a lovely way to promote your brand while being environmentally friendly and beautifying the lives of the recipients at the same time.

In the office, we all love the new range of branded seed products! We couldn’t wait to plant them when the samples came through.

As we are a little competitive in the office we decided to start a ‘plant off’ – a little like a dance off but less energetic and less embarrassing.

Below you can see our seed babies…

Tomatoe plants - grow off

Admittedly they need larger pots, but it has been nice to inject a little green into the office.

So enough of my rambling…

Not a horticulturalist? Are you interested in using promotional seed items in your next campaign?

We’ve created a quick guide below that tells you when our seeds can be planted and harvested to help you align your campaign with the growing seasons.



Fruit and Vegetables

Fruit and veg, seed sowing and planting times


Flower seed sowing and planting times
See our range of environmentally friendly seed based promotional items.

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