Recycling scheme for old displays


 Recycling scheme





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So, how do you go about recycling your old banners? You have two choices depending on the type of display you have:

     1. Displays with eco-graphics:

If you’re looking to recycle a display that has an eco-friendly graphic (for example, any banner in our range), we will recycle this for you free of charge.

All you need to do is call us and let us know you will be recycling your old display so we can confirm the free ‘recycling order’. Then, simply send us your old eco-display. Once received, we will recycle the hardware and graphic for you with a specialist waste management team in the UK who repurpose the recycled material into new products.

What’s more, you’ll also receive £10 credit per banner recycled to use on your next eco-friendly order with us.

     2. Displays without eco-graphics:

We can recycle your old displays, even if they were supplied by another company. There is a nominal fee of £10 per item, but you will also receive £10 credit per item (up to a maximum of £100) recycled with us to use on an eco-friendly display in our range.

Follow the same stages as mentioned above when sending us your old displays. We will be able to recycle most components for you.

Re-using and upcycling

Where possible we will re-use or upcycle your old display. We may refurbish good quality undamaged bases to be sold on as used items. We also work with a range of charities, small businesses and schools to upcycle your graphics. Your old banner graphic could end up in an A-level textile piece or upcycled into a wallet. The options are endless! We will work with these organisations to ensure any old products are returned to us for recycling. No logos will be used in any upcycling or re-using process. If you do not want your old displays to be upcycled or re-used, please confirm at the point of order. By re-using or upcycling your old displays we will be minimising the impact left on the environment because of waste reduction.

Learn more about how we recycle your banners.

Waste licenses and permits

We hold an upper tier waste broker and dealer license (CBDU282338). We also hold a registered T9: Recovery of scrap metal, T10: sorting of mixed waste permit (WEX164944) and S2: storing waste in a secure place permit (WEX166510).

Full recycling terms and conditions:
We offer a recycling service for a range of display items. When received we will break down the display into its composite parts and a third party waste management team will recycle your old display.
Prior to sending your display back to us, you will need to call to confirm your recycling order and pay any associated fees. There is a £10 fee for each display returned to us. Products from our indoor and outdoor banner ranges are recycled free of charge.
You are responsible for returning your old displays back to us. We can help with arranging delivery, but this will incur a cost which needs to be paid in advance of collection.
You will receive £10 credit per unit sent to us for recycling. Credit received can only be used on future eco-display orders. Credit must be used within 6 months of the return of your item. Max credit of £100 received per return and redeemed per order.
A certificate of destruction and a duty of care certificate can be provided post destruction, this will incur a £10 admin fee.