Kabloom® Seedbom™

Price ex VAT £503.10

Price incl VAT £ 603.72

  • From £2.78 per unit
  • Shell biodegrades within 5 weeks of throwing
  • Choose from 10 different seed mixes
  • Branded with a simple wrap or standard sleeve
  • FSC 100% recyclable glue free packaging
  • Lead time: 2-3 weeks
  • Large quantities may require longer lead times
  • Select artworking service

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Eco-Friendly Seedboms

“Good design, good ideas and narrative should come first, the Eco friendly part should exist anyway.” Darren Wilson – CEO and Designer of the Seedbom

This fun and innovative eco-friendly promotional product makes a perfect giveaway for events and marketing campaigns.

The outer packaging can be fully branded with your messages and designs. Choose from a selection of non-GMO seeds that mixes with the organic compost. You can even choose bee friendly varieties!

The Seedboms have been designed with simplicity – just remove the outer packaging, fill with water, shake and throw. It’s that easy.

The starch and natural fibre based shell will biodegrade after approximately 5 weeks of throwing. Customers do not need to have green fingers in order to grow beautiful flowers.

Seedboms can be thrown onto a patch of land or into a pot. Full instructions can be found on the inner side of the packaging. Seedboms should be used between April and June.

Range of available seeds

Mix Contents Bee Friendly
Butterfly MixMusk Mallow, Cornflower, Yarrow, Oxeye Daisy, Red Campion & Forget-me-not.Yes
CornflowerBlue Cornflowers.Yes
FeatherbomPhacelia, Wild Carrot, Teasel, Millet, Common Knapweed, Cornflower & Birdsfoot Trefoil.Yes
Fire MixCorn Marigold, Californian Poppy, Coreopsis and Cosmos.
Pollinator Bee MixCornflower, Vipers Bugloss, Wild Marjoram, Red Clover, Borage & Phacelia.Yes
Poppy PeacebomCorn Poppies.Yes
Urban Bloomer MixCornflower, Corn Marigold, Corn Poppy, Forget-me-not, Oxeye Daisy & Red Campion.Yes
Wilder Pastel MixYarrow, Cornflower Mixed, Cosmos White/Rose, Candytuft, African Daisy, Poppy Shirley & Nigella Mix.


 x1 Kabloom® Seedbom™
Width 50mm

Seedbom – Simple Wrap Prices

QuantityPrices Prices Per Unit*
100 (minimum order)£503.10£5.03

Seedbom – Standard Sleeve Prices

QuantityPrices Prices Per Unit*
500 (minimum order)£1989.00£3.98

Prices exclude VAT and delivery.

*Prices per unit are rounded to decimal places.

Templates provided on request.

Upload your artwork here. Your details from this upload will be matched to your order. The artwork quality and size will be checked and if there are any problems, we will let you know.

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